lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Interview CHINA RATS

After his concert at the fib

by: Monty & el Hijo de Enoz

At the first time we are going to talk about your performance in the festival:
What is your general evaluation about the festival?
The festival is amazing. I’m not sure there is another festival in Europe where you can spend all day on the beach and then all night watching awesome music. There is a great vibe, everybody wants to have fun.

How it was your concert and the response of people?
We were lucky enough to play twice, on the villacamp stage and on the Trident stage. The response of the crowd was amazing at both shows, we were completely blown away.

How it was the call to join in the festival?
We were initially asked to play the villacamp stage and then when Bat For Lashes pulled out we were called up and asked to headline the trident stage. We weren’t sure if it was a hoax call or not, then it started getting real.

Did you watch any concerts? Did you like any concert in special?
Yeh we saw lots. The Stone Roses on Saturday night were brilliant, we saw them in Manchester a few weeks ago but their show at FIB was even better. Sebastian on the trident stage was also pretty crazy.

Before to participate in Fib, Did you meet Bat For Lashes?
No, we have never met her but we are fans of her. We would probably have watched her if she hadn’t have had to cancel.

After the FIB, In witch festival Do you want to play? wherever around theworld is it ok?
We want to play everywhere! Playing Glastonbury is a dream of ours because it is the biggest festival in the UK. Aside from that, we definitely want to be back at FIB next year, even if we don’t get to play it I’m sure we will still go.

Now, about your music:
What do you expect about the future? Are you going to come in the studio?
Yeh, we are currently booking shows and spending as much time as we can in the studio. We have some new songs that we are desperate to record. We want to record as many songs as possible with the intention of getting an LP out next year.

Do you have any new songs ready to listen?
We have a new single ‘Atleast Those Kids Are Gettin’ Fed’ coming out very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the video.

"To be I like" is your actual EP, How is it received by critics and public?
The response has been great. It is our first release and it seems to have been received really well. Huw Stephens at Radio 1 has been really supportive and radio stations across Europe seem to dig it so we're happy.

About the presents Bands, Witch one you listen more often?
There is loads of good music out there. We played with Hooded Fang in Amsterdam and they blew us away! Kurt Vile’s last LP is one of our favorites; His set at FIB was awesome.

At the last: A musical wish for the future...
Hopefully we can travel the world playing our music. That is our ultimate dream. To write good music, then travel the world and play it to the people.

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  1. Tuve la oportunidad de conocerles en Benicassim y he de decir que son unos tios de puta madre. Les deseo toda la suerte del mundo. Desde luego con canciones como To be like I o At least Those Kids Are Gettin’ Fed’ no creo que tengan muchos problemas para hacerse un nombre poco a poco en las Islas.

    Spanish tour ya!!!